This page has been a long time coming. It has spent a lot of time in my head. Like wadded up yellow legal pad pages flying into the trash bin, posts have been discarded as quickly as they were composed. Then there have been the conversations, ad nauseam, until I don’t want to hear the word “blog” again. Who cares what I think anyway?

But, for my intended audience, it turns out I might have something to say. This blog is going to be primarily for moms, particularly young ones, with young ones. There will be the occasional rant or poetic waxing thrown in, but I am largely embarking on this journey to pass on some of what God has given me to the next generation of mothers. I’m going to give advice, a lot of it, so, reader beware. But I’m also going to deliver encouragement. And hopefully wisdom. So, apprehension aside, I’ll get to it. Time to relocate the bumper cars running around in my brain to the nice, neat confines of cyberspace.